“You are superior in every way Sir. I am such a pathetic lowlife faggot that I honestly believe that I am not even worthy to lick dog shit off you shoes Sir. I am so low now, no self esteem after Masters have slowly destroyed my mind and body. I feel I am so used up that there is nothing I wouldn’t do to amuse a Master. I think even the most disgusting, depraved humiliating acts are to good for me. I am all washed up. Is there any hope for me in your opinion Master”


I think you need to try your hardest to build yourself up again. Bit by bit remind yourself that you have male genetalia, however small, that you were born a man. Build yourself up and then we can once again beat you down and fuck you over. It’s no fun putting down or smacking around a faggot who just lays there and doesn’t utter a cry. Try for the double-mental-fuck since you’ve gone through it already. Remember how badly it hurt the first time you were told how ugly and useless you are! You could have that again…double damage. Pick yourself up again so we can kick you on your ass once more.

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