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2 friends invited me to their gay wedding next month. Normally this would be cause for celebration, but after reading your training modules i am starting to believe that maybe gay marriage is disgusting and should be banned. i’m confused. i feel it may be dishonest for me to go and celebrate. Also may dishonest not to tell them the truth. But they are my friends! Should i go to the wedding or stay at home? Should i tell them what i think? i’m not sure. Your feedback matters a great deal to me.


You are correct that gay marriage is disgusting and wrong. It perpetuates the myth that homosexuals are equal to straights when it comes to rights. This is simply not true and as I’ve discussed in the past, nature is the judge in this matter. What they are doing is unnatural and should be boycotted by anyone that agrees with this point of view. That said, if these are your good friends it would likely serve them better to have you express your point of view while in attendance. It might knock them down a notch or two. I understand that this will take a great deal of courage and I support you in your quest to rid the world of dirty faggot’s rights.

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