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Sir, do you think there should be an age bar for abusing faggots. I have always been a sissy and when i was 10 years old, I got raped by a group of middle-aged drunk straight men .. It was a horrible experience then. But when I was 14, I went back to one of them and have been their cum dump even since (I am 19 now). When I was used for the first time, I had a hard time getting over the trauma, but now I feel grateful that I was taught my position early in life.


First off, you were very fortunate to have been screwed with at a young age. It clearly fucked you up big time and that’s awesome! The fact that you returned to them shows what a stupid fucking queer you are.

Are you asking if there should be an “youngest age” for fucking over faggots? I don’t believe there is one or should be one. Once a faggot starts showing signs, it is ready for “abuse” and should be fucked up. Whether they know it or not they will soon enough be grateful for their “abuse” as you demonstrated. While I am a big fan of physical violence (ha!), I think it is even more appropriate to turn a gay kid into a cock-addicted mental basket cases whose little dick drips for straight white cock. It’s a wonderful time in their young life to really fuck with their heads and get them ready for the path to destruction. A young kid, 18 of course, is going to love being molested by a strong, muscular, straight white dude. It’s inevitable they will seek them out later on in life. So, off we go, to fuck up some faggot kids, hurt their feelings, push them around, force our cocks down their throats and make them squirt tears.

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