FORUMSThe Faggot Destruction discussion and hook up forums will officially open next week. They are accessible with a Free Membership. During their set up they are available for use so you can play around and test things out now if you like. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Should you choose to involve yourself in the discussions, you’ll want to upload a unique avatar (circle format) and set up your profile. You can do so now — just visit your profile page on the site.

My forums offer upload abilities so you can your share files with others along with your opinions. I’m feel fortunate to have recruited one of the smartest stupid faggots I’ve met, Latrineus from Tumblr, to moderate the boards. As we grow, we’ll need additional moderators focused on specific subjects so involve yourself now if this interests you.

Have fun you dumb homos — Straight White Dudes, hit me up!

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