Dear Sir. It seems you’re helping a lot of fags realise what they truly are. I on the other hand have known I was a fag since my teens and acted accordingly. Back in those days every spare moment was spent in parks and public toilets letting the local men in my small town use me whenever and however they wanted. it’s now 30 years later and I’m fat. Do you care if a fag is fat Sir? It’s rare that white men use me these days, it’s mostly asians and blacks. Is it because i’ve gotten fat?


Of course it matters if a fag is fat. Who the fuck wants a fat cocksucker on their dick sweating so hard because it’s an effort for then just to bob their stupid fucking head up and down on a big cock? Stop eating so much and get to work fixing yourself up so some straight white dude can take pride in fucking up your face. Being a faggot is no excuse for being lazy and irresponsible. If you don’t get that then you’ve misread every one of my posts. You may be big and dumb and stupid and a faggot…

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