sissygirlybabyboy said:

I hate yo burst your bubble, but you are no god. Jesus Christ is Lord. Hugs to you. I pray his peace, and wisdom in your life. That he may touch you and show you truth. Amen.


A faggot spouting off Christian sentiment to me? Now that’s a new one.

I suggest you take a hard look at the Christian path you are on since its creators claim your path as a faggot is a one-way road to hell. Pretty shitty for you. I’d rethink what I believe in. This universe is so far beyond any human’s comprehension that believing there is a big man in the sky who is there to judge us seems asinine and clearly limited by stunted brain development. Not only is that type of thinking extremely arrogant but it is also limited in scope to what the human brain can digest. There is SO MUCH MORE out there than what is described in a silly 2,000 year old book or parables that was written by liars, and has been reinterpreted over 2,000 years by people who have used it and continue to use it in order that they gain political power and can control the masses.

I hope you open your mind and expand your horizons. Most faggots I know who are on the journey I speak of and know the righteous path, are far more spiritual than the judgemental “Christians” I’ve met. I put that in quotes because these are the least Christ-like people on earth. They sit in judgement of others which is exactly what Jesus fought against.

The wonders found in the science we are discoverying of this universe we call home is far beyond any excitement of peace of mind I could receive by believing in a God that apparently doesn’t care too much for humans; that is if you read the scripture.

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