The following is a reply I sent to a follower but it is applicable advice for anyone in the program…

Excellent results will be dependent on how much you invest yourself in the program. It’s not at all uncommon that you are only able to cum from practicing the modules. They are reactivating truths that have been lying dormant from being repressed all these years. Those truths resonate with your deepest sexual being and are both relieving and extremely cruel. They should hurt and inspire; cut deep and provide solace. With proper training and a commitment to serve you are quite likely to find a straight white man to take advantage of you and abuse you in so very many ways. Often this connection will be lifelong and no doubt sexually fulfilling beyond your wildest dreams. Your life has the potential to be completely ruined, and you fucked over beyond repair. I’m hoping to have a forum started soon so that you can converse with other dirty queers who might reassure you of this fact and of the righteousness of the path you haven taken.

Know that all of these things you miss from your gay boyfriend will be replaced in a manner that is truly fulfilling and one that provides you a sense of belonging and peace. No fag fucking you will ever come close to the amazing feeling a straight load in your mouth and a smack upside the head provides. Just remember I told you it would be more painful before it gets better. Don’t have me make you hit the pipe with defiantdeviant to stay on course. Keep steady and continue jerking your pathetic load out to the modules. I expect you to be jacking off to them at LEAST three times a day. Commit yourself.


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