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Cumsucking faggots

The results of our latest poll are in after 2 weeks online. Not surprisingly, you dirty faggots are just that. Disgusting fucking queers who will slop up straight white sperm from a filthy men’s room floor just to get close to the superior fluid. 

Poll results

  • 22% – I’ve sucked it up off my son/dad/brother/cousin/straight friend’s dick.
  • 21% – I’ve eaten the cum out of a straight white man’s condom.
  • 15% – I’ve never tasted the sweet nectar of the straight white man’s cum.
  • 14% – I’ve sucked on the pouch of my son/brother/father/friend’s underwear filled with cum.
  • 11% – I’ve licked it off of my son/brother/dad/friend’s sheets.
  • 11% – I’ve licked the walls/video screen/floor of an adult bookstore video booth.
  • 3% – I’ve sucked on the pouch of my son’s underwear when he starting cuming.

Among those who answered “other”, responses ranged from “I sucked it straight out of his girlfriend’s cunt” to “On a cream cheese bagel in a restaurant” to “I have licked up straight cock sauce off the floor along with his spit.”

Sick, selfish fucks! 

You’re all taking advantage of innocent, unknowing straight white men and you owe them for this. How many more white boys must you torment? How many more straight white boys must you molest? Destroy yourself now.

Faggot Destruction

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