caught worshipping by priestFrom TM:
Hello GOD, this faggot now has a superior straight white GOD as its roommate and wants to make it known to him that it wants to be his fag slave. however it isn’t sure how to do it. it is getting some coaching from another faggot, but the faggot has been in the situation and is of course a faggot. Does God have any advise on what fag should do???

First, get on your faggot knees and that us for setting you up with a situation that is every faggot’s dream. Trusting another faggot to guide you is like following a blind man through a minefield. Inevitably he will become jealous and try to destroy what you have created.
It sounds like your new roommate is giving you clues that he is open to your fagging out around him. Is this the case? Then make a move. Like what? It depends on your situation. If his signals are strong, you might just offer to blow him, no reciprocation and tell him to use you as a sex toy. I think that’s unlikely though I’ve had it happen. You might want to scrub the house spotless and tell him it’s all for him for a start. Begin treating him like the God he is. He’ll catch on quickly. Start doing his laundry without him asking. Get caught sniffing a pair of his used underwear. Make it clear that you are a fucked over dirty faggot that will suffer any abuse he dishes out. Best case scenario, he is disgusted by your actions but eager to be blown when he wants. You’ll get your face busted up when you piss him off, but you’ll get his far superior white-hot sperm down your faggot throat just as often. As things progress, you can have him take over and destroy your life.

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