dues payment

I wrote about this yesterday and you faggots must be hard of hearing.

It’s time to pay your dues. You have more money than you deserve if you have a fucking faggot penny. Every fucking cent you make belongs to the straight white man. You should feel guilty and ashamed for not doing all you can to advance the straight white man’s rights. Consider your payment a donation toward righting the wrongs you have caused; the unbearable suffering straight white men must endure when in your presence.

Far too long you have taken, taken, and taken. It is now time to return what is not rightfully yours. Choose now to make a small impact on the massive damage you and your kind have caused. Do it now you undeserving slutty fuck up. You’re a piece of shit faggot who needs to get in line.

To pay your dues, send money to superiorstraightwhiteman@gmail.com with wallet.google.com

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