Um wow. What the fuck…..
I don’t even know how to react to this man..

Trust me. I can imagine that this news is not just shocking but as it settles in, disgusting and angering. No one deserves this dude. It’s not your fault your brother is a sick queer fuck. He brought this on himself. He is the animal, the one who searches for a sexual high through such disgusting, twisted behavior. He’d suck you AND his dad off it he could. That’s how deep it lies. At this point you owe him nothing. He is sub-human and deserves to be treated as such. What’s more, he wants to be humiliated and hated. Luckily, whatever your reaction, he will take it well. Let me know how it goes.


Dude thank you for telling me this. I always knew he was queer and a little weird. So this totally makes sense. Does he actually sniff my arse at night though? How do you know this? Do you know him?


I only know him through my website. He came to me asking me to fuck him over and tell his family about his sick fucked up thinking and behavior. Honestly, I get off on bringing faggots down. I don’t like them and i think they are wrong. So, anything I can do that fucks up their lives is a pleasure. It’s who I am.

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