Dear SIR @ Superior Straight White Man,

I joined your site just yesterday after stumbling across one of your uploads that appeared on a Tumblr blog I follow.  Yes, I’m a corporate faggot that spends hours a day perusing the internet for sexually gratifying images of erect cocks, masculine hairy man butts, muscular sweaty armpits and spewing fertile white goo to satisfy my ever addicted fag brain.  I immediately typed in “s-t-r-a-i-g-h-t-w-h-i-t-e-m-a-n-.-c-o-m” and followed the link to FAGGOT DESTRUCTION.  Your site immediately spoke to me.  The images and words leapt off the screen and gripped my fag soul.  I’ve known since puberty that I was very different from other men and figured myself for a faggot when I began crotch watching in junior high, especially in the locker rooms after PE when I was surrounded by so much exposed cockmeat. The taunting from my peers, and expressed hatred and humiliation began at this point in my life and I fully began to realize and accept my place among real men and how they would begin to use and abuse me.  It’s strange as I look back on this time and realize I never felt used or abused and found myself craving this kind of “attention” from men.    My buddies in high school used me for their sexual needs whenever their girlfriends weren’t available or couldn’t match their high sexual drives.  This is when they helped me discover I possessed a hungry fag mouth and fag pussy for cock.  They fully developed my insatiable desire and lust to be used as a receptacle for cock and cum.  Word quickly spread outside this “circle of friends” and many new “friendships” were consummated.  They even gave me my own special place – a storage room inside the dugout of the school baseball field – always stocked with lube and condoms [for those that wanted them.]  By my senior year, I was known as the school cockwhore by just about every male enrolled.  It was a class of 735.

My need for attention followed me into my 20’s as I made myself available for everything a superior man could supply me.  Several of my superior alpha buddies followed me through college and made sure my ad-dick-tion was fed and further cultivated.  Now some 15 years later, I find myself as the center of attention once again among my male coworkers and colleagues in the corporate world.  It was a little unsettling as my secret “fagdom” life was made known to a male coworker without my knowledge earlier this year.  [I say “unsettling”, but you, SIR, and I both know better]  Chase, an athletic stud male working for my firm, happened to be close friends with a buddy of mine, Tom, that I serviced regularly back in college.  Even though it had been more than 10 years since Tom and I had any sexual contact, as soon as he learned that Chase and I worked for the same firm, he shared all of my secrets, my obsession with cock, my cockwhore high school days, and the sexual servitude I provided my buddies during college.  I have since learned that Tom strongly suggested that Chase begin encouraging my faggotry  with subtle and not-so-subtle actions in the workplace.  He told him this would surely trigger my lust-filled, cock-obsessed brain and bring about my full sexual compliance.  He further added, in case I was uncooperative, that he had concrete evidence of my fag slut life in the form of explicit photos showing how talented I was sucking cock, slurping cum, and getting my fag pussy royally fucked, including a video of me getting spit-fucked.  Tom knew me all too well and knew I succumbed easily to threats of blackmail and further outing to family/friends/employer.

Unbeknownst to me, Chase began to implement his plan early this year and, after only a few months, it has escalated to where I find myself today – the cockwhore of the company.  Looking back, I see how Chase started spending more time in my office, sharing business talk and personal stories at times.   I understand now why he’d continually plant himself on the sofa in my office with his muscular thighs spread wide open offering an unobstructed view of his impressive bulge.  Many times allowing his right hand to casually grasp the outline snaking down the leg of his trousers.  I was completely mesmerized whenever he did this and he knew it.  At times, we’d end up at the urinals in the men’s room and if we were alone, he’d further fuck with my faggot mind.  He’d choose a urinal right next to me and stand a good foot further back than anyone normally would.  He wouldn’t say anything, but made sure he made eye contact with me with a slight smirk.  He’d take great pains to slowly loosen his belt and unzip his trousers.  I could never stop myself from gazing downwards in anticipation of the reveal of his large manhood always straining against the fabric confines.  In my presence, he would always allow his trousers to fall to his knees as he hooked his thumb into the waistband and tugged his white briefs completely down below his hairy scrotum.  The turgid shaft of his cock would actually unfold revealing its full length as it fell outward.  There was always this long moment of stillness as I continued my lustful gaze of this perfect man and his meat.  I had long finished peeing and stood with stiffening fag clit in hand.  Chase usually grabbed his shaft, gently stroking a couple of times before peeling back the skin of his uncut beauty and releasing a torrent of man piss.  The first time we met like this, Chase knew he had this fag right where he wanted it.  Future urinal meet-ups included revealing his massive hard on to me, which stood a full 10 inches when erect, and one time he even masturbated into the urinal while I watched and commanded that I lick the rim of the urinal where a glob of his man milk landed.  Without any further prodding, I eagerly complied.  Taking his semen onto the surface of my tongue was my communion with this straight man.  My servitude to Chase progressed quickly to my providing a warm, wet oral orifice for his large cock 2 or 3 times per week at his request.  He had me meeting him in the men’s room, both on our floor and other floors, usually by text message.  I was instructed to choose the first stall closest to the urinals, get completely naked, sit on the toilet with legs up Indian-style and wait for him.  Within minutes, Chase would enter, stand at the urinal next to my stall and wait for the room to empty, if others were there.  He’d release his cock and stroke it to hardness while speaking to me thru the panel.  He’d ask if I have been thinking about his cock, its hardness, its flared shiny head, its gaping slit oozing clear dick snot across my tongue as it enters the cock hole in my faggot head.  Chase had a way with words and once processed by my brain, gave me an instant fag high.  Once he entered the stall with his amazing pole of straight white hard man meat pointed at me, I assumed my innate role among men as pure first-rate cocksucker, second-rate human.  Chase consistently reminded me of my role and vowed to improve, strengthen and further expand my talents.

Over the 5 months, since my initial servicing of Chase, I have become his total and complete sexual fag slave.  He now routinely pimps me out to fellow male coworkers in our firm, colleagues we conduct business with, and his friends who work nearby.  Many days I get very little actual work done as I find myself attending to “meeting requests” and “F.A.G. Corp. appointments” sent by “clients” through my Outlook calendar system, which further humiliates me.  My boss even inquired as to the F.A.G. Corp. appointments he’d see on my calendar several times.  I had to respond that this was a new client I had taken on.  He commented on the amount of time I’ve been spending with them.  I told him some clients can be very needy.  Luckily, he bought my lame bullshit.  Chase and the bevy of male superiors I now service enjoy my predicament.  My lunch hours are often spent providing “full service” to clients.  I have been bent over desks and fucked in private offices.  Stripped naked, pressed up against the glass plate window in a high-rise, and mounted like a bitch in heat.  I’ve been forced to take vacation days, rent a hotel room in the downtown area, and email the bevy of men I service with the room number.  These monthly events begin around 9am, in a dark hotel room, blindfolded, naked on all fours, with lubed ass up on the bed and room door held ajar with a sock.  My fag holes are continually used throughout the day by my male superiors and those men they deem to share me with. I’m bred unmercifully until my gut is full, my fag cunt drips of slimy man spooge and their cock snot runs freely from my nostrils.  I live for these days now.  My addiction has turned to a requirement for living.  I am grateful to Chase.  He has taken the time and complicated effort to allow my lowly faggot servitude to be fully realized and completely utilized for the express enjoyment and sexual gratification of the superior straight white men known and unknown to me.  I am now beginning to overtly express and offer my services to straight men around me.  I have learned to identify those men who know how to properly use a fag.

FAGGOT DESTRUCTION aka STRAIGHTWHITEMAN.COM is having a profound and deep effect on this fag.  I have found an online home to connect with.  I’ve begun working through the training modules for further faggot indoctrination.  SIR’s audio files are especially captivating to me.  I am susceptible to subliminal and active/passive listening as provided in these files.  I listen through my ear pods so there are no distractions as the words feed my fag mind.  As I fall asleep, as I’m waking up, driving my car, and moments at the office are times I hypnotize myself with these sounds.  Enrich the Faggot Soul #3 is especially effective.  I plan to have this playing in my head during my next service session or while being bred by a real man.  I believe it will further cultivate me.  This faggot hopes SIR will continue these audio series that further develop fag existence and acceptance of fag role among men.

Feel free to use my story on the site if desired.

Respectfully and in submission I remain a faggot,


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