wastedfag writes: i have been in service to Straight Men my entire life, and am now in my mid 60s. Very few Men want to fuck a stupid used up old faggot whore like me. But i still want to be of service. What can i do to continue to serve Straight Men?
There are many things you can do, faggot.

  • Although a lot of straight men won’t be able to get it hard for a used up piece of shit like you, you can still be a urinal for them. Go to porno bookstores, straight bars, even stadiums and events where straight men go, and kneel in the bathroom by the urinals. Let the men there know what you are and that you will drink every drop of their sweet straight piss.
  • Can’t even get a guy to use you as a urinal? Straight guys still use urinals a lot, and those urinals need to be kept clean. Go to the men’s room whenever you are out (at work, at the store, at the movies). If men have missed the urinal or the toilet, use your tongue to clean it. Swallow every drop and savor it. Even if the straight men who come after never know it, you have been of service by keeping their urinals and toilets clean.
  • If you are in your mid 60s, you’ve probably amassed a lot of cash, for your “retirement”. But face it, faggot: whores don’t retire. So why do you need cash? Give it to straight men in exchange for their cum and piss. Better yet: send it to websites that are aimed at educating stupid faggots (like this one!)
  • A gloryhole or other anonymous scenes are good locations where an old faggot can still service straight men.
  • Truck stops tend to be low on pussy and high on horny guys. Offer to service truck drivers and others there, particularly for cash. Make it clear they can earn money getting off.

Be creative, you stupid fag. Find ways to be of use, no matter how much it fucks up your miserable fag life. Maybe you’ll end up broken and destitute – but isn’t that what a faggot like you deserves? I love the idea of faggots doing everything they can to make their lives miserable. Make me proud, bitch.

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