tall andrew writes: I am a gay man in a long term relationship with a man who is now my husband. We have been together for 20+ years, and it has been great. I am a butch top guy, and my husband has always been happy getting fucked and never tried to fuck me back.

But recently, things have changed. My husband told me that he is, in fact, a faggot, and he wants me to think of him not as my husband, but as my slave. He says that he wants only to serve and worship me, and to have an SM relationship. The one thing he said he doesn’t want is to do “role play”. He wants to actually BE my slave.

I’ve gone along with this for a while, because I thought he would eventually get tired of it. I now make him sleep on the floor of the laundry room, naked, with no blanket or pillow. He drinks my piss every morning, and any time we are home. He does all the chores, and he turns all his money over to me. When we go out, I always decide where we are going and what we are doing, and he is happy to obey. He also wants me to beat him, and has gotten several whips, canes etc. I have to admit: I enjoy using them on him.

This whole thing has escalated, and I have been surprised at how far he will go. For example: I recently told him that he needed to clean the bathroom. I happened to walk past the door while he was doing so, and saw him on his hands and knees, licking the toilet clean. It kind of surprised me – but I have to admit, it also made me hard.

Recently, I locked him in a chastity cage, in part thinking that it would get him to realize he wanted things to go back the way they were. Now he is horny 24/7, and he not only gets me to fuck him constantly, he also wants me to fuck other guys. 

It’s also kind of interesting, because there is this twink who works near my office who is clearly interested. I’d like to fuck him, and my husband asks only that he be allowed to watch or at least listen. He has said that, if I have the twink over, he will make food and bring it in to us in bed when we are done. He said he would also appreciate it if, after fucking the twink, if I would use him as a urinal – preferably while the twink watches. He said that, if the twink wants to use him too, he will submit.

This lead us to a conversation about me whoring him out. My husband is a very handsome guy, and I know a LOT of guys would love to fuck him. He always wanted us to be monogamous, but now he says that, if I tell him to submit to a guy, he will do it.

I identify as bi, and there are also women I wouldn’t mind fucking. In the past, my husband found the idea very threatening – but now he is saying that, if I want to fuck women, he will do the same thing when I am with them: bring food, and drink my piss (though he has NOT offered to drink any women’s piss.)

He directed me to this website, which I am finding fascinating but a little hard to take in. But the more I think about this, the more I think I have totally scored, even though I feel badly, treating the man I love like a piece of property.

What should I do? I love him, but I also am finding that being a selfish, assertive Master, and doing any fucking thing I want, is a huge turn on for me.


What you should do is stop feeling guilty. You know what you want, and you have it. Your husband recognized that it is, in fact, a faggot, and is your slave. This is what it wants. This is, at heart, what you want too. You are clearly a man. it clearly is not.

So stop torturing yourself. What you had was not what you both needed, and now you have what you want. So go with it! Fuck that twink, find a girlfriend, and make your slave lick your balls while you do it. Make all the decisions, and use your slave exactly as it is. it is a slave, and you need to stop feeling like you are being mean to it, or treating it badly. You are a man, it is a fag. The relationship has become what it was meant to be. Your husband has become what it was meant to be. And you are being exactly as you should.

Get out there and fuck whoever you want, use your slave, and live the life you want. And send pics!

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