willingfag writes:  when can a fag consider itself to be properly destroyed in the mental sense? And is it possible for fags to truly eliminate the ability to have free thought — to be thinking 100% about their MASTERS at all times? would that be considered a fag that has reached total destruction? 


I don’t think any human can ever reach a point where they have zero free thought. It is programmed into all of us, Men, women and faggots alike.

What a faggot can do is 100% of the time ignore those thoughts. A true faggot will certainly think about things like having its own money, driving a nice car, keeping itself safe and healthy, whatever – but it will forego those thoughts in deference to its Master. 

When a fag does everything with the Master’s best interest at heart, when it ignores the fact that it is putting itself at risk (financial, physical, legal), then it is destroyed. 

True faggots know that “Faggot Destruction” is actually “faggot salvation.” A true faggot recognizes that its destiny is to be the property of a superior Straight Man, and that is enough for it. 

I know a faggot that works a good job, earns very good money, and could live a very comfortable lifestyle. Instead, it turns everything over to its Straight Master. Everything it owned now belongs to him it knows that the guy could dump it any time, and it would be completely broke, alone and homeless. But it doesn’t care about the risks – it is focused entirely on service. That is truly a faggot that has found salvation!

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