shyfag writes: i have been serving a Straight Man for about 18 months, and it has slowly gotten more and more intense. i of course love having Him pound my ass and fill me with His superior Cum and Piss, and i have been okay with Him whoring me out, taking videos of me, etc. But there are other things that have been more problematic.

Lately, He has been slapping my face. i of course submit, but it has progressed to where i sometimes see stars. He has bloodied my nose, and at least one of my teeth feels loose. But the worst part is, He lives black eyes and bruises, and when i go out, or (worse) go to work, everyone notices.

Recently, He wanted me to suck Him off and drink His Piss at lunch, which i gladly did. But when i got back to the office, everyone was staring at me because i had a black eye and visible bruising on my face. i told them i was walking past a store and someone opened the door up and i hit it, but i do not think anyone believed me.

if i lose this job, i will be homeless in nothing flat. But i do not want to stop serving Him either! What should i do?


It’s all about priorities, faggot.

What is more important: your comfort, having a home, having income – or your man’s pleasure? 

you already know what the answer is, and you know that you are not going to give him up. And you also know, he is not going to stop, even if you ask. So don’t ask.

Maybe the best thing is to proactively offer to live in his basement, garage or closet and be his full time slave whore. Since you’re going to end up losing everything and destroying your life, why not do it yourself? Tell him he can have you, no limits, you will do anything he orders at any hour of the day or night, and will wait patiently when not in use.

Give it a try, faggot, it’s the best option you have!

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