How many of you faggots enjoy getting smacked up the side of the head? Does it help you give better head? Does it remind you of what a stupid faggot you are? You seem to enjoy it to a fault so I make sure to do it plenty. I mean, it’s really just a gentle nudge in the right direction, right? A guiding hand.

Share your thoughts below.

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James Fag
James Fag

to know that one has an alpha, a guide, a man is there for the fag, even see men, because men like to abuse fags and on this point they have the right. I am homosexual and if I said everything that I do nobody would be surprised. I was guided, under chastity, humiliated, raped, all by men, who guided me because his men needed sex and I was there to give it to them. their pleasures are as real as making me guided on what they want. it’s for me my life as a faggot.


i respond very well to being slapped. i am a big sissy fag and every time a guy slaps my face i squeal like a woman and often start crying. i have had a man slap my face over and over to get me to break down in hysterical crying and then use my tears as lube to rape my asshole. as a faggot whatever straight men think is right is what i deserve to have happen to me. anytime a real man pays attention to us fags we should be grateful, whatever kind of attention it is. any real… Read more »