thestupidestfag writes: i am a lowlife faggot scum that is having a problem. When my Alpha Man Pisses in my faggot mouth, i gag on it. i do not like the taste, and try though i might, i cannot drink it all.

What do i do?


Well, your name certainly says it all. You are a stupid fucking faggot, and this may be the very easiest question ever asked.

Have you ever heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”? So how do you get good at piss drinking? you go out, faggot, and you drink every fucking drop of piss you can find. Go to public restrooms and drink out of the urinals. Go to bars and kneel in the bathroom and have real men piss down your throat. Ask men to piss in your glass so you can drink it.

Put ads online offering yourself as a public urinal. Tell men that you will do anything they want – ANYTHING they want – if they first use you as a urinal.

Trust me, in no time you’ll be what you know you were born to be: a urinal for men. And you’ll wonder why it took so long to learn. GET BUSY!

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