I own a dumb faggot, which I’ve gotten good advice about earlier.

Recently I have let it slip to my friends that I have a fag slave. At first they were all shocked and a bit disgusted at the idea of me owning a male slave that would eagerly follow my every command no matter how degrading. But after the initial shock most of them have shown at least some interest in the idea, even though they are still weirded out by homos and would not want to be serviced sexually by them (at least not yet) as it would be “gay.”

Since we are all avid paintball players I have considered introducing them to the faggot through a paintball “fag hunt” as a way to show them one way you can have a fun non-sexual time with a faggot, with maybe having it then serve as a urinal for when we go back to my place for beers.

The dumb little fag makes my life so much easier as it does all of my chores and is a great way for me to get rid of my frustrations, sexual or otherwise. If my friends come around completely to this idea, my hope is that they might help to spread the Superior Straight Man ideology, making life better for all men by showing faggots their true place.

Therefore, I’m looking for advice on other ways to show them what they are missing out on.


I think your paintball idea is an excellent one, and a great way to start. But don’t stop there. 

Once they meet your faggot, make sure you have lots of activities where the faggot is there. For example, how about a pizza party, where you watch videos and the faggot serves foot? Or doing some work on one of the guy’s trucks, and having the faggot run to fetch tools, clean parts, etc? 

The goal here is for the guys to all see that having a faggot is helpful and useful. Once they understand that, you can take it up a notch: go out for a hike, and have the faggot in the trunk of the car. When you get back, let it out and have it give you a massage – and offer the same service to your buds. 

Using it as a urinal should get them pretty accustomed to having their cocks out when it’s there, and then it is just one step to using it sexually. If they see you get hard and let it lick your nuts and suck your cock, you can pretty much guarantee they will join in. 

I’m a big believer in letting guys take pics of my faggot serving. Even if they don’t join in, having a photo of it serving my cock on their phones will give them something to revisit when they are not with me, and will help them see how fucking hot it can be. 

Make sure they always know that using a faggot doesn’t make you gay – it’s just like having a flashlight. The fag is there to provide service, and since you don’t give a shit what it feels or wants, you aren’t really “relating” to it sexually. 

This shouldn’t take too many tries before your buds have their hard cocks in it, and are feeding it their cum and piss. So let us all know how it goes!

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