I am a normal guy, with a problem. I like women, I like sex, and I jerk off several times a day. But, despite the fact that I’m 26, I’m still a virgin.

The problem is, I have a really small penis. I am not talking slightly small – it is at most two and a half inches when fully erect. I have pretty normal sized balls, but my dick doesn’t even hang down as long as my balls do! It’s really not big enough to fuck someone, much less give them any pleasure.

I have been going to a gym, and lately, several guys have been making fun of me and talking to me about my tiny dick. They say that real men always have at least normal sized dicks, and if I have  tiny dick, it means I’m a faggot.They know I’m not happy with this situation, but they say that, when I learn my place in the world, I will be content and satisfied. So they referred me to you and this site.

But I know I’m not a faggot! I like women and want to be able to sexually satisfy them. I want to get married and have kids and all that shit.

The guy who told me to contact you said that you would know what to do, and that I should follow your advice. He made me promise that I would do whatever you told me to do. I’ve been reading some of the things on this site, and I have to say: I’m scared. But I promised him that I would follow your advice, and my word is my bond.

 Please help me! What should I do?


What you need to do is take a deep breath, calm down, and look at your dick. That is what you have, my friend. Do you think there is any woman in the world who will be satisfied by that? Do you think it’s fair to pass along the gene for that small dick to your sons? 

When a guy has a tiny dick, it means only one thing: he is a faggot. Not all faggots have small dicks – I know one that has over 8 inches – but anyone with a dick like yours was born to be a faggot. You say you like women, but how do you know? You will never have  relationship with a woman because you can’t do what a man has to do.

So it’s time to stop being afraid and embrace who you are. You are a faggot. What you should do is forget about your dick, and focus on your calling: serving real men. I suggest you start with the guy who told you about this site. Why do you think he knows about this site? Because he knows that faggots are born to serve men, and he wants to help faggots get what they deserve.

So here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to go up to him at the gym, and you’re going to say, “You’re right Sir, I am a faggot Sir. Please teach me how to serve real men like you Sir.” And then you are going to follow his orders, and do everything he tells you to do. And let him use you however he wants. If his other buddies are around and hear what you say, even better – they are going to use you too.

Congratulations, fag! You are now what you were born to be, and life is going to be sweet. Let me know how it goes!


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