Kicking Back

So, what would you faggots do for this alpha as he kicks back, jerks it, and smokes a few bowls?


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Fag John

First of all Sir Todd – this Fag would do whatever that superior Alpha told it to do no questions asked 😉
He clearly is a superior man to any fag
Fag would be honored to be allowed in the same room and to have to chance to suck cock and swallow any fluids the man would be kind enough to provide – after Sir is done with fag would pay him for allowing it to be of service Sir

Fag Pup

Obviously anything this Alpha wanted. His foot stool, his urinal, his fleshjack, his ash tray, his servant. As he smoked his bowl with his feet up on my back. I’m when he needed something to drink I’d get it. When he wanted his cock sucked I would. Bury my face in his nuts. When he needed to piss my mouth would be his urinal. He’s never have to get out of his chair if he didn’t want to.


Drop to my knees and suck !!


Sir I would do what ever told. If YOU just told me to serve YOU, I would start by worshiping your feet and slowly work up, asking permission to be allowed to kiss YOUR cock and balls, eat YOUR ass and suck YOUR cock swallowing all or YOUR precious seed.


What ever he desires, i will obey!!


Pleasure him as he most desires


I’d offer him there glass pipe