Raped with a bat

What’s the most extreme sexual experience you’ve had serving as a faggot? A bat up the ass may sound bad to some, but we’ve heard worse.

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Pigboy dino

Once a Straight Man forced me to get fucked by him, standing up with 25 pounds of weight hanging from my balls. The pain was excruciating and so torturous as he slammed into me over and over causing the weight to swing back and forth. my whole body broke out into a sweat from the pain which was so bad it felt like something inside me was tearing from my nuts to my stomach and i began to cry. I hadn’t cried since i was a young child but here i was being so torured i was crying involuntarily. The… Read more »

faggot will

Taking a bet is a given in 2020. Used to be thought a fagg couldn’t take a bat. All fags can and must take a bat up,our cunt.

Brian Jones

I’ll do it. Bring in on, Studs. Never done it before but expect I’ll rise to the occasioin