Master George asks: I am a straight fag owner that recently replaced my old useless fag slave for a new and better one. The problem is after I sent my old fag slave packing, it just keeps returning begging me to take it back. No matter what I say or do, the stupid slave keeps coming back. Me and some of my buddies have even roughed it up real good to scare it, but no matter what I do or say it just doesn’t get it. It even showed up at my workplace once. I have considered involving the police, but I’m afraid of what this crazy fag might tell them.

Any advice on what to do?


It sounds like this fag really is becoming a problem, and that is totally unacceptable. Faggots exist to serve, not to cause problems, and this one should know enough to go away and leave you alone.

It sounds like you have tried to get rid of it, and I agree: going to the cops is out of the question. So here are a couple ideas:

  • Have you thought about turning it over to another man? Maybe there’s someone who would want it and take it, and you could do a ritual of making the fag understand it is now his property. One thing I have learned is that fags really need and appreciate ritual. If you can find someone to take it, you should have some kind of brief eremopny where you hand the guy its leash and tel it that it belongs to him now. Better yet: have the guy write a check (fake, of course), tear it out of his check book and hand it to you. Let the fag think you’ve sold it.
  • Roughing it up is a good start, but if you can’t find someone to take it, you might have to go farther. I don’t know what part of the country you live in, but maybe you could take the fag to a “bad neighborhood” and leave it under an overpass, naked. Find a homeless encampment, take everything it owns, and throw it out of your car, telling it “you live here now.”
  • A long distance trucker might be willing to take it far away from you, and again leave it naked and broke. With any luck, the local thugs will have their way with it, and it won’t ever find its way back to you.
  • One other thought: what about keeping it? Build a cell in your basement, and lock it in there. Leave it chained 24/7, and other than letting strangers stop by to abuse and use it, it is alone and lonely. Feed it only once every couple days, and of course, only feed it garbage. Keep it restrained and gagged, so it can’t bother you. I have a buddy who has a slave like that in his basement, chained over a drain so its piss and shit go down into the sewer. I think it’s been there for like 8 years.

Hopefully, one of these ideas will click with you, and you can finally be done with your stupid fag. Enjoy the new one – and let me know how it goes!

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