I’m a straight guy who has only recently learned about faggot slaves.

A few weeks ago, one of my friends confessed to me that he has a gate guy living with him as his slave. He explained that the slave was there voluntarily, and is one of countless gay guys, or faggots as he called them, that are willing to give up their freedom and their rights for the chance to serve a straight guy. He directed me to your site, among others, to learn more. I’ve read a lot about this the last couple of weeks, and it has really opened my eyes. I even put out an ad looking for a slave, just to see if it was all real, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of responses I got.

I am surprised that more people don’t know about this, and that faggot slavery isn’t more widespread. I find it strange that we went from shunning and mocking faggots to welcoming them into society as equals, instead of doing the rational thing and keeping them as slaves. I’m wondering how society would look today if we went that route instead. I think it would make sense for faggots to be a separate legal class, and for there to be instructions which focus on trying to identify them as early as possible and train them.

I’m curious what you think and what your ideal version of society would be.


Sounds like a perfect world to me!

You do need to understand that there really are two groups here: gay men and faggots. Gay men are essentially normal guys who are sexually attracted to men, but they live normal, healthy lives. Faggots, as you well know, exist to serve the real men in the world. I think it would be fucking great if fags could “sign up” as alternate species and be trained, assigned men to serve, barter, bought and sold.

My hope is that, through sites such as this, faggots will start to organize (or rather, the men will organize them) and start to create a society where faggot slavery is an accepted thing. I’ve always told my faggot that, in a perfect world, every man would have a naked faggot walking behind him, on a leash, cuffed and gagged, but there to do anything they were told, including serving men in public. I think our society would be a lot more relaxed if men got used to getting 4, 5, 6 blowjobs a day – during meetings, at lunch, etc.

So let’s get out there and make it happen!


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