Faggots and COVID-19

I’m curious how you faggots are managing COVID-19. Have you temporarily given up being a nasty slut or are you ignoring the warnings and fagging out? The faggots I know have been more than willing to forsake their safety for a fat white cock in their mouth and some thick straight sperm in their belly. Are you the same way? What have you been up to and how are you managing? Comment away. I’m sure your fellow faggots will welcome your stories, advice, and suggestions.


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Have been hosting men at my place. Love getting used abused and humiliated. Most will video me on their phones for future blackmail


Sorry for being so late to reply sir! Back in early December, I have been talking to a new alpha, which is currently my new (and first) alpha I have been blessed to serve. He says that because of the COVID, it would be better for me to stay under his place and serve him for a duration of time. I served him for around 2 weeks long, even taking my time from family during Christmas (not that my family know about it, I just said to them I didn’t want to risk it, yet there I was getting fucked… Read more »


i have made myself available exclusively for Straight Men. One i serve has made use of my throat several times during covid-19. HE demands it, and i comply.