That’s right. Out most recent production got us kicked off of Vimeo. Because of this we have only limited video hosting at this time. But wouldn’t you love to see what caused all the ruckus? Are you wanting to see the brutal abuse of faggots?

Get your own copy of the Vimeo-banned production, A Faggot’s Guide to the Galaxy – the definitive guide to living for depraved faggot’s at all training levels. Whether you’ve completed all the training on or if you are new to training, this video has your needs in mind.

Lying somewhere between a training video and a smut film, the Triple-X rated A

Faggot’s Guide delves into topics most near and dear to alphas and faggots – namely the use and abuse of fags for the pleasure of the straight white alpha man. Take a peek, if you dare, and enter the dom/sub world of straight men and queers. See the brutal truth of what happens when the two converge. It’s full of verbal, mental, and emotional abuse – just what you’ve been seeking.

This is the movie they don’t want you to see. It is full of truths not found in popular media – namely that faggots exist on earth for the service and entertainment of straight men.

  • See faggots in cum drenched, cocksucking action!
  • Watch alphas take what’s rightfully theirs!
  • Loads of verbal and emotional abuse!

This is the video you’ve waited your whole faggot life to see. Don’t let this limited time offer pass you by!

To purchase your digital copy of A Faggot’s Guide to the Galaxy, simply click the button below and you’ll be next in line to receive a copy. This is essential training. Don’t put off what you can accomplish today.

A Faggot’s Guide to the Galaxy – a Fuck You Faggot Production.

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