That’s the ticket … poppers. Poppered up faggots provide for the best facefuck experience.

I make the stupid faggot deeply inhale 5-7 huge hits. As he huffs the poppers all I am thinking is how fucked up this is going to get. I see the faggot’s eyes seemingly disappear into themselves and this is my cue. I slap my big hog against its fucked over face and smash into its lips.

The faggot is beyond excited at this point to be getting its lips anywhere near my dick. I make the faggot huff another couple hits of poppers and then start fucking its face in. I pound so hard that my belt buckle smacks hard against the faggot’s teeth and chips one of its teeth. I don’t let that distract me and continue pummeling the Fag’s throat until it is spitting up throat slime and making the whole experience that much slick and slippery.

I go to town and rape the faggot’s face, paying no attention to whether or not the faggot can breathe. Just when I’m about to cum, the stupid faggot starts convulsing on my cock, desperate for air, but I don’t let up.  I force my cock deeper down its throat while I shoot my potent white hot load straight into the faggot’s stomach.

The poppers have made the faggot into a deluxe cocksleeve, nothing more. As I zipped up and walked out, I saw the faggot start hitting the poppers again. What a desperate, horny little faggot slut! He’d do anything, and even risk his life, just to get some more of my big hot straight cock.

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