I’ve been pondering the “faggot mentality” and come to realize they are often a contradiction, or a study in opposites. After all, most men dream of kicking back, watching some porn, and having a bitch suck them off while they wile away in pleasure. Or they think about fucking the shit out of their girl on the side.

Faggots dream of other things. Sick things. Faggots wish to be handcuffed by men that hate them and then have their head shoved into a filthy public men’s room toilet while they get a bat shoved up their asshole. The straight men ridiculing and humiliating the fag in every way possible.

If you ask me those are two very differing ideas of pleasure and yet the faggot’s little dick is surely getting hard while it’s head is dunked.

What accounts for such differing concepts? Testosterone? DNA?

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