“We have to stop right here. I can’t hold off anymore.”

“Me either. Fuck, we are so fucked up. But ever since I saw that fag getting bashed down the road, I’ve been so fucking hard it’s hard to walk!”

“Fuck dude, I know. My little dick is rock hard. I need to jack. Right here on this bench. Yes, let’s stroke off right now. Fuck, yes. We are such disgusting perverted homos. God damn! Fuck! The way that man was degrading that guy, calling him a faggot cocksucker and punching him, was so hot.”

“I know! Fuck, man, I need to cum. And we did nothing to help. We just walked by and got hard.”

“He fucking deserved it for being a homo. Just like us. Fuck, we are pathetic, sick degenerates. Fuck yes, I’m going to cum. Cum with me, faggot!”

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