fFollowing is a write up from a loyal faggot about recent goings on:

Once this stupid pig came across the Faggot Destruction Website, it didn’t take long before it realized that it was not in fact, a gay man of equal value and deserving of the same rights as its Straight White counterparts, which society had fooled it into believing, but what it really is, is a filthy, perverted, depraved mistake of nature, whose sole purpose on this earth is to actually worship and serve, the STRAIGHT WHITE ALPHAS that have been put in this world to rule supreme.
After reading one of SIR TODD’S blogs that explained to fags like me, in what we believed to be, loving and meaningful relationships, to step out on our partners and do ANYTHING, no matter how degrading, that a STRAIGHT WHITE ALPHA may demand of us (no matter how depraved) and to make sure our partners find out what we are doing, i knew that i had no choice but to follow my new MASTER’S wishes. So even though i had a cushy life in a marriage of over 30 years, i did as instructed.
When Kyle found out, he was beside himself and all he wanted was for me to leave and never come back. He told all of my family and our friends everything that i had been up to in graphic detail.  Needless to say, i lost everything. My father had even told me that he hoped that one day soon i will be killed by one of the men that uses me.
This pitiful 60+ year old fag now lives alone in one tiny rented room with no bank account, no retirement funds, no family and no friends. That said, it realized that it doesn’t need anything more in this life than serving SIR TODD and doing all that it can for his profit and/or entertainment.
Fast forward several weeks, and Kyle gets in touch with me. He led me to believe that he was interested in a reconciliation and wanted to talk about it over lunch.
As it turned out, what he wanted was two things; one, to have me sign documents to take my name off of the deed to the home we shared along with removing myself as beneficiary of our insurance policies. The second thing he wanted was merely to rub my face in the fact that, he not only has everything – but he had totally “moved on” from me and has found, and i quote, ” the greatest love of his life,” which came in the form of a longstanding friend of ours, Bradley.
Bradley whom has spent the past 12 years, flirting and coming onto me behind Kyle’s back, trying everything he could think of to try to get me into bed. In any case, Bradley or no Bradley, what Kyle hadn’t realized is that i too had moved on. I had done so the very moment SIR TODD took me under his wing and lead me into my TRUE destiny.
Still, it bothered me that all Kyle wanted was to further hurt me. He had already destroyed my standings with family and friends, left me homeless and even gets to keep our two dogs, whom i love very much. Now he was attempting to break my spirit and my heart.
I told SIR TODD about this latest turn of events and mentioned that i knew i could have Bradley cheating on him in a New York minute if i chose to. SIR TODD told me to do it. Use Bradley to annihilate Kyle for trying to hurt me.
The following is the letter that i sent to our most majestic leader and mentor, SIR TODD the other day:
Yesterday afternoon gave me a wonderful opportunity to crush the heart of my ex, kyle.
Just as expected, his new “absolute true love” was as easy to bed down as it was to make the phone call. It was almost ashame that it didn’t even have to use the least bit of  effort to try to convince him to cheat. He literally leaped at the chance.
On the way to his house, i stopped at the “adult store” to buy a sexy red jock and a leather harness as a gift for Bradley. It was not meant for generosity, but was actually a part of my grand plan.
The second that i entered into Bradley’s home, he was all over me. He was like some crazy, horny, teenager. It made me wonder if the sex he had Kyle share even satisfies him at all. Although, to be fair, once he had seen the size of my cock at the gym, years ago, he had been relentless in his pursuit of me ever since, so it supposes that this has been building up in him for a long time.
After a few minutes of preliminary foreplay, i presented Bradley with the gifts i bought from the adult store.
“Ohhh,” it whispered tenderly into his ear. “Why dont you go into the bathroom and change into it for me, my sexy little bottom boy. I’ve dreamed of seeing you wearing this for ages. You’re going to look so fucking hot!”
As dumb-ass bradley locked himself in the bathroom to change, i took his phone from the nightstand and used it text Kyle as him. i told him to please come right over. There was something very important that i need him to see which is critical to our relationship. I added that I’ll be in the bedroom and that the i left the front door open for him so he can just let himself in and come directly into the bedroom.
What i didn’t account for, was Kyle responding to the text.  In my stupid fag brain, this played out with him simply juming into his car and following orders, but of course the pussy had questions.
With no time to lose, i texted that the sooner he gets here, the sooner all his questions will be answered. “If you really love me,” i added, “you’ll stop asking questions and get here QUICKLY!”
It seemed to work, no further text came in and it was just in time too, as Bradley came out of the bathroom only a moment later, dressed in the ridiculous red jock and harness. He slid his fingers along his chest and stomach and looked like such a fucking sissy, fag that it made me sick! In spite of that, i knew i had a job to do.
It seemed wrong to use my large, thick, cock, like i was something more than a filthy fag, but it was for a good cause and i comforted myself with the notion that the end will justify the means.
Bradley was putty in my hands. I had him licking my feet, armpits and balls. He was begging to suck my cock.
“All in good time, baby,” i cooed at him. “I want you to eat my ass first.” That would make me SO hot,” i lied.
“Sure!” He jumped at the chance. “I’ll lay on my back and you can sit right on my face,” he said with the excitement of a kid about to unwrap a birthday gift. “That way i can get my tongue in nice and deep!”
How great would it have been for Kyle to walk into that scene?! The fact that he didn’t, was not for lack of trying on my part. I tried to make it last as long as i could but Kyle was taking forever to arrive and Bradley was really getting restless for my cock.
i stood up on his bed, feet apart with Bradley on his knees before me.  He finally got his what he had worked to get for a dozen years. At long last, he had my dick in his mouth.
i grabbed him by his ears and started riding his face. Slowly at first, then built up steam, getting my cock further and further down the back of his faggot throat with every thrust, until he was choking on it, spitting out gobs of spit, and snot all over his bed.
There we were like a scene from a gay porno flick and at last, Kyle came strolling in.
It was classic. He let out a high-pitched shrill like a girl in a cheap horror movie. “Oh my god, i cant believe this!”
With a big smile on my face, i simply gave him a wink, still holding Bradley by the ears, and i said, “hey, Kyle. Long time no see!”
Bradley finally pulled free of my grip and ran into the bathroom. Kyle left the house sobbing his eyes out, and as for me, well i just got dressed, still smiling with only one regret. How perfect would it have been to have been able to capture it all on video?!
Oh well, the video of my mind has it running on a continuous loop, and i cant help enjoying that YOU, SIR TODD will know that another homo relationship was destroyed and another fag had his heart stomped on.
YOUR most humble servant,
PS: Not only did they break up over this, but they are both bad-mouting one another, non-stop, to all of their friends and acquaintances.

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