Yes, your mother lied to you. Yes, your friends lied to you. Yes, you’ve been lying to yourself.

Simply put, SIZE MATTERS!

When will you give in and give up the idea that your small penis is for anything other than urinating? That thing couldn’t and shouldn’t penetrate. It’s just not in the cards for that pathetic little cock. You think I’m making this up? No. It’s been asked in confidence whether size matters and 74% of women and 92% of men admit that size DOES matter when it comes to what’s down there. I suppose the 8% of men who disagree with that are pathetically small themselves.

so, what constitutes small? Anything under 5 inches is rather unable to please another person. If they said you were rocking their boat, they were just being nice. Let me guess – you’re not with that person anymore. Surprise, surprise!

With this in mind, compare yourself with the men on this page. How do you compare? Could you hold your own in the shower with these men?

And below you can see some boys with men. Who do you resemble?


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