The poll results are in. We received more than 300 responses which should provide for a good cross-section of the faggot community. The question we asked was: how do. you, as a faggot, like to be bullied? Knowing what you like tells us a lot.

Alphas can use this information to trailer training for their faggots. Exploit their desires by playing upon their deepest desires.

The following list contains faggots’ favorite ways to be bullied, in descending order. What can we derive from these results? We’re willing to bet the average faggot will thank you if you hit them, pay you if you make them, revel in the disgusting things you have them do, and get off on both your fluids and your abuse.

Sound backwards? This is the inner workings of the faggot brain. Delve in if you dare.

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1. Humiliation – Coming in first, more than one-third of you want to be humiliated. You crave the knowledge that you are so much less than an alpha in nearly every way.

2. Physical Abuse – A full fifteen percent of you crave actual physical abuse. We’re talking want to be smacked upside the head.

3. Financial Abuse – Twelve percent of you want to be robbed blind in the most creative of ways, through sexual depravity.

4. Being Cum On/Forced to Ingest Cum – equal in percentage to financial abuse, you sleazy faggots want to be forced to drink the cum of a frat house. Sick.

5. Sexual Abuse – Nearly one out of ten of you crave sexaul abuse the most. You want to be fucked from here to obllivion.

6 & 7. Pissed On/Spit On – another tie. This time it’s all about those straight body fluids. You can’t get enough of the hot stuff.

8. Mental/Emotional Abuse – A fair number fo you want to take it to the limit and be emotionally wrecked. You want the cheating straight guy who honestly thinks you’re nothing but a stupid hole to be mistreated.

9. Light Play – not many of you are into the lighter side but that’s really not a surprise, is it?

10, 11 & 12. Bondage/Being Penetrated With Objects/Other – these three are at the bottom of a faggot’s priorities. Although we’re surprised we didn’t get more “other” the results were less of a shock. All in all it just goes to show you how important bullying is to a young faggot. Without this abuse, their sexual identity may never have formed at all. At least it wouldn’t have formed as twisted, masochistic, and fucked up as a faggot’s desires. The self-actualized faggot worships his bullies and makes them feel like gods. They endure/enjoy the abuse inflicted for it is the previous gift of social graces bestowed upon them by the one’s that hate them most.


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