Two faggot’s perspectives:

This Man hates faggots. But he likes how they go balls deep on his cock and swallows his ball slime and thanks Him for the honor of being used by a real Man. Yes, the real Man will spit on it and slap it around in His disgust of the faggot. But He will also use it again when His balls fill and no real pussy is available.

I think that most faggots instinctively know that Real Men have no respect for us and are basically disgusted by our behavior, and why shouldn’t they be. Maybe that’s why we are willing to work so hard to ingratiate ourselves to Them and to get into Their good graces, but it will never happen. As faggots, we can never earn the respect of Real Men, and the harder we try the less respect that They will have for us. It’s an endless cycle of worship and depravity with one rightful winner and one rightful loser. faggots are willing to go to the lowest of lows in order to elevate Real Men to the highest of highs. Maybe that’s God’s Plan.

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