I just want someone right now, to be mean to. I need to beat up a faggot to get off good.

Someone to fuck, rough and hard, spitting into whatever hole I’m using for extra lube, and to degrade.

Someone to beat, to hurt you and degrade you with slaps and smacks and welts from my belt on your thighs and ass that sting when I caress them, that hurt when I push you down on your stomach and pound into you.

I want to thrust deep inside your slutty fucking mouth, laughing and cruely grinning, telling you what a dumb slut you are, how I’m using you as a fuckhole, a cumdump, a stupid little faggot whore who doesn’t deserve anything but to be abused and used.

I want to rub my cock in your tears and push back hard in your mouth. I read that tears make the best lube.

I want to make you crawl, make you beg, make you cry like a bitch, like the pathetic horny animal you so obviously are.

Let me treat you as something subhuman, something inferior. Not worthless, but worth less, some thing, not someone.

Let me force you to gag as I pump your facehole full of my hard meat, let me bash and fuck your head and replace all your thoughts with my cock.

Raping your body is for chumps, let me rape your brain and make you like it. Let me traumatize you into submission, until you are so horny, so aroused by perversed fucked up desires and twisted lust that you’ll do filthy humiliating things just to please me.

I want to do mean things I don’t even like, just because they degrade you. I want someone who I can empty out and fill with all my perverted fantasies, someone who craves a strong hand around their throat, a fist in contact with their face, and a hard voice in their ear, telling them what they are, as they mewl and twitch and beg.

I want to control your emotions, your breath, your sex, your body and brain. Let me wrap your horny mind around my finger, let me twist you around like a curly strand of hair, let me corrupt and defile you until you are nothing more than an objectified fuck toy.

Let me own you, beat you, and treat you to bowls of food and water on the floor instead of dinner out at restaurants. I’ll cum on your face before you eat, so you have to lap up my fuck cream and the food in your bowl together.

What’s between your legs, what you look like, it really doesn’t matter. Just watch me grind you up and spit you out and get horny seeing you come crawling back, bruises half healed, rope marks faded, black and blue, begging for more.

Let me get a workout tying you and beating you and fucking you up for my pleasure. I will beat your face until my arm gets tired. I’m going to do so much damage to you faggot. I’m going to destroy you.

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