The Alpha that has been fucking you for a few weeks orders you to be at his home at 6:00 pm.  When you arrive, you discover He has invited 6 of His friends over to watch the game. He orders you to strip.


Do you get naked?


Standing naked in front of all these clothed Men, He orders you to drop to your knees and to begin jacking off in front of everyone.


Do you kneel and jack?


While you jack your dick, He begins to tell His friends all of the degrading things He has done to you.  He tells them how He has fucked you, pissed on you, spit on you, posted pictures of you online.  You feel so humiliated that you shoot your cum all over the floor.  He orders you to lick it up and swallow.


Do you begin licking?


When you finish swallowing your own cum, He tells His friends that you will now crawl to each of them and give them each a blowjob.  You look up, humiliated, at the 6 eager Men.


Do you crawl over to the first Man and start blowing?


It takes over an hour, but you suck off all 6 of His friends.  The Host then bends you over the sofa and sinks His thick raw Cock into your ass while all the Men watch. He verbally degrades you, calling you a faggot and whore and slut as he pounds you.  Just before He shoots His load into your faggot ass, He orders you to offer your ass to all His friends.


Do you beg all the Men for their cocks?


Three hours later, you have 7 loads of cum deep in your ass.  You are lying defeated and broken on the floor.  You have never felt more alive.  The Host announces He has to piss.


Do you kneel and let Him piss down your throat while all the Men watch?


You have never been more humiliated or used in your life as His piss fills your mouth.  You kneel on the floor in front of all these Men and your dick gets hard again.  You hear a strange buzzing.  The Host is holding a pair of electric clippers and tells all His friends He wants you to be totally degraded, so He is going to shave your head.


 Do you kneel there and let Him give you a tight buzz cut?


After being fucked, pissed on, humiliated and shaved, He says He is done with you.  He picks up your clothes and shoes and throws them out the door.  He orders you to start jacking your dick while kneeling there while telling all the Men that you are a fucking faggot slut and thanking them for their cum.

Do you kneel, jack, admit you are a faggot and thank all the Men for fucking you?


Just before you shoot your load, He orders you to get the Hell out.  You kneel there, rock hard, looking up at him, sobbing.  Feeling utterly humiliated, you walk to the door and hear it lock behind you.


  Do you drop to your knees on the front walk and shoot your massive load of cum before getting dressed?


Stupid faggot.

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