(Before I even start, fags aren’t just gay guys. Lots of gays aren’t fags. Lots of fags aren’t even gay. Cuckolds are fags. This is about sexual submission, not gender preference.  OK, moving on)

It’s not like it comes up every day, but it comes up. Friends know I often have some fag around, so they ask “why?”

A fag recognizes itself as inferior to men, so it is happy to be used by men. If I want my home cleaned up, I can get some fag to do it for me. Want your car washed? Your lawn mowed? Your laundry cleaned? FAGS DO THIS SHIT AS WORSHIP.


That’s right, guys, it isn’t a chore for these fucks — they’ll probably have a hardon while they scrub your toilet clean. Seriously. In fact, some fags are such fuckups that THEY’LL PAY YOU to do your chores for you!!! Just remember — as a fag’s superior, you don’t ask it to do something for you, you TELL it.

Want some Chipotle? Run out of beer? Dial-a-fag!! “Hey fag, get me ….” Not only do you get free delivery, you get free whatever-you-asked-for!

And because it’s such a sexual/worship act for them, YOU CAN DEMAND PERFECTION. Dinner arrived cold? Throw it on the faggot and demand it start over again. Find one of your pubes on the bathroom floor? Make it re-scrub the floor with its tongue! Shirts put away with wrinkles? Bitch-slap the bitch.

And, sure, they’re fags, so of course they want your cock. Doesn’t mean you gotta give it to ‘em. Remind them it’s an honor to be allowed to clean your dirty undies. If you want to reward the queer, order it to massage your feet.  If you REALLY want to reward it, tell it to use its tongue. If you let a faggot put its head between your legs and merely sniff your crotch, the bitch will probably cum in its pants.

See, that’s the twist.  What some fag wants to do is make YOU feel good, so getting serviced isn’t a duty like it is with your wife or girlfriend; it’s a REWARD for them to choke on your prick. So use it as a rare gift from God. (You’re the God, see?)

So, yeah, if you do want to sit back and feel something warm, wet, and soft clenching around your cock, use a fag. Remember, though, it’s all about -you-.  So be as selfish, demanding, and cruel as you want. You wanna fuck face? Pound it ’til it pukes! Believe me, the harder you treat ‘em, the more eager they are to come back.

And if a fag even touches its crotch while it’s taking care of you, THROW THE FUCKWAD OUT!! Replace it with a fag that knows better than to offend you like that. Or, hell, lock up the bitch’s prick so there’s no more problem.

Oh, one more thing.  There’s NOTHING too twisted for a fag. These are the world’s most depraved whores.  Want to take a piss without getting off the recliner? A fag will happily drink “from the tap” … yeah, they even got a phrase for it!

You ever had your ass kissed? Really kissed? French kissed? Fags dream of that kinda shit.  So, man, whatever kink you got, use it on some fag. You decide its limits, so you don’t even bother to ask.

Hey, fags … if you’re smart, you’ll reblog this so it gets read by as many Men as possible. And sure, like it as well.  I like being liked.

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