I believe that 98 percent of faggots would agree with straight white men that sexual abuse laws need to be amended.

How is it fair for a young alpha to be placed behind bars for raping a faggot? Should a father be punished for giving it to his faggot son? Should bullies be banned from school? I think not. It’s complete nonsense and I’m sure most judges with any common sense would be glad to see the laws changed to punish the faggot instead. Imagine, an upstanding straight jock rapist is in jail while some flam8ng faggot goes free, bitching about the “abuse” it suffered. That’s just wrong.

Give me a break! It’s time we revisited the entire concept of equality. Faggots are not equal to straight white men. They themselves agree with this fact. So let’s stop jailing innocent faggot rapists and start enslaving flaming faggots instead. It will free up the jails for the real criminals and help restore white alpha rights.

Let’s face it; straight men are built to breed,and if a fag is lucky enough to get some of our hate and cum, why, they should be grateful, not vindictive.

Go home and tell your boyfriend you finally got to suck a real dick and then shut the fuck up about it, ok? You’ll end up with masturbation material for the rest of your pathetic life and a straight man will have gotten a good cum. Going to the police just shows what a stupid faggot you really are

You can’t rape a faggot. It’s just human nature to abuse the inferior.

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