bulliedfag said:

My name is Julian & I’m a german faggot. I think I’ve gone a little to far with paying straight superior men this month. My monthly income is 1.890 € & I have to pay rent and other stuff for living. This costs about 600 €. So I pay two straight Alphas a monthly tax & sometimes other men I meet on the web. I don’t even know how they look. Yesterday I was on my bank and saw that my money is only 247,33 €. I was shocked. I paid about 1000 € to strangers but it feels so right and makes me rock hard


You’ve got money left over. Why the fuck are you complaining? Of course you’re rock hard. You are doing what is in your nature and what you were meant to do. Keep up the good work. You deserve to work hard and have nothing to show for it but some cum stained sheets. Suffer you fucking dumb ass fag.


Originally posted 2014-07-22 18:49:12.

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