alphastraightworshipper writes: i have recently discovered this Alpha Straight Men/faggots dimension and it has resonated with me greatly. There is no doubt i am an inferior faggot with a serious ache to serve superior men. i have spent more than my share of time on my knees in dirty sex clubs, sucking cock and loving it.

Now i find myself very confused. I have this immense worship for Alpha Straight Men and a cock worship, and i feel like i am understanding my true place, yet at the same time my self-respect seems to be fighting back. It is hard to let go, even if my body aches like never every time i see an Alpha or read the Alphas comments about their faggots on your site. Not only does it make me worship more but it feels right.

But the main issue is that i am very much into worship and physical service as cumdump or urinal (cannot imagine full toilet service so far), i am also very much into verbal abuse. But i am not at all into physical pain.

Do you think their is a place for me in this world even if i have boundaries?


Faggot, the problem is, you don’t have a superior straight man to train you. You are doing all this in your fucking head, and as you know from reading the site, faggots do not think very well. 

You need to move this from the realm of fantasy (you are probably jerking off multiple times a day over this) to reality, where you are truly the property of a straight man – as you are born to be.

So get out there and find a man to serve. Offer yourself to any straight man who seems like he understands what faggots are for, and then do whatever he tells you.

If he wants full toilet service, or to beat and torture you, you will submit. faggots don’t get to set boundaries – faggots have no rights, so why would they get to dictate how a superior straight man uses them? The point here is that you don’t get to decide what you want or don’t want – that is for the man to decide. you will find great happiness once you accept your new owner’s decision. Worship him and tell him you have no limits. That is the only way for a faggot to find happiness.

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