justafaggot writes: I am (or maybe I should say: I used to be) a 50 year old gay in Vienna, Austria.

Discovering the homepage of www.straightwhiteman.com was like a
miracle to me: all the things I always was thinking and dreaming about
I found there written down, in clear words! Everything there that
described what a faggot is, what is used for and what its porpuse is,
is exactly what I am looking for. I now know my place: I am a faggot!

But now I need help. In Austria white men are different to the one in
the USA. I dont have any alpha male I could ask for advice or help.

Can you give me any suggestion what I can do now?
How can I become a serving faggot to real alpha men?

many many thanks in advance for any advise you give me!


Congratulations on finding your new home at straighwhiteman.com. The educational materials we produce and provide are developed by straight alpha men and faggots who are extremely dedicated to your destruction, so it is only natural that you feel a deep connection to their words as they clearly express the truth you feel inside. I’m glad to provide my advice, but I need to know more about what you mean when you say that Austrian men are different than men in the US. In what ways are they different? 
Perhaps you refer to the typical metrosexual European male who has faggot sensitivities. Well, these are not real men. These are shadows of men – trapped men who have been conditioned by their environment to attempt respect for and ensure equality to faggots and women. These men are just as frustrated as a faggot like you is inside. They know the truth of their alpha being. Deep down they wish nothing more than to fuck over some stupid faggot who has been perving on them. What you need to do in order to encourage this natural behavior to come forth and resurface is to become nothing more than the receptacle of their hatred of queers. Let them know, in no unsubtle terms, that you understand and agree that faggots are dirty and slutty scum that should be abused and ruined. Share stories of your perversion if they seem unconvinced at first. Humiliate and embarrass yourself any time the opportunity presents itself.
These repressed alpha men may act appalled at first, but you will speak to the deepest part of their innate knowledge and their souls will listen. Should they have strength of character, they will eventually welcome your contempt and come to be thankful for your espousing the truth. These men might also be beating your face in or fucking it up with their big fat cocks, but they’ll be grateful for the truth nonetheless. You can take that with you and rest well knowing you added to the overall destruction of your kind. 
Don’t be shy. Start preaching the truth that you have come to recognize. We are here to create a revolution, not just exist in the evolution we’ve been succumbing to. It takes strong characters to make change in this world. Be a faggot that goes down in history. Share your new knowledge and revelations with straight men. It will take some patience on your part, but the long term benefits and damage to your person will be well worth any sacrifice you have to make at this time. Good luck faggot! I hope to hear great results from you. Keep in touch and don’t let me down or chicken own. Be honest and forthcoming. You have nothing to be proud of, but you can stand strong because you have the truth on your side. 
To your destruction!

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