As you faggots prepare for the holiday season, what types of things come to mind? Have you decided upon the gifts you’ll give to the alphas in your life? What presents are best? Are they tangible? Are they practical? Are they enduring?  And importantly, how will the giving of gifts ensure your salvation and destruction?

Giving is the best way for you to leave your mark on the world, as gifts are a reminder and the gift forever associated with you, so think long and hard on what you can give that will improve the life of straight alpha men in your life today. This is a lifelong journey of giving to which you have yourself committed. I suggest you use this season to double up your efforts and make a demonstrable move towards the life of service. It is essential to your soul and all efforts toward this end will result in building a positive faggot future for you next year. 

It’s 2019. Picture yourself on your knees in a filthy men’s room, servicing fat white cock after fat white cock, nothing filling your gut but a quart of hot, straight-man jizz you’ve ingested throughout the day. Youve been sucking cock for hours now but can’t bring yourself to leave the men who abuse you. Your boyfriend tries calling you repeatedly but you ignore his calls and continue getting your face fucked in. Straight sperm drips from your chin and your forehead. You’ve given up on trying to make it work with your gay boyfriemd and have finally surrendered yourself to a life as a lowly, disgusting, perverted slut who lives to provide cock service to superior straight men. You’ve sacrificed everything to fulfill your desire, because you are a faggot. And your faggot new year’s wish to be slapped around and used like a total bitch by straight men has come true. 

This could be your 2019. It’s a real possibility! So show the world what faggots are about and walk the line toward your own destruction by putting your best faggot foot forward and showing us what you can do to enrich the lives of your superiors this holiday season. Get creative and give not just things this year, but give yourself. Give yourself over wholly. You’re faggotry demands it. It’s your destiny and duty. 

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