realstraightguy asks: I am a straight man, and I just don’t get this site. Why are these guys calling themselves “straight” if they are fucking faggots? I guess getting a blowjob at a gloryhole from a fag, as long as you’re watching straight porn, is okay, but a lot of the shit talked about here (like fucking fags in the ass) doesn’t seem very “straight” to me.


Straight men, by nature, are superior to faggots. As a result, they have the right – no, the DUTY – to dominate and use faggots in any way possible. This includes taking their money, taking their possessions, making them work for them, and yeah, using them to get off. What is the problem here? A fucking faggot is generally better at giving head than most women, and they don’t complain as much. And faggots won’t be looking for you to marry them or even promise anything, because they know that you are superior, and they worship your cock.

As straight men, we have a moral duty to restore the correct balance of power in the world. faggots exist to serve us – that is the only thing they are good for. So make them serve you.

I have to say: having a bit of a problem understanding why you don’t get this, when you have joined the site and done a lot of reading here. I know you understand this dynamic more than you let on. This is the way the world needs to be. This isn’t about our sexuality, this is about our right to use fags for whatever the fuck we want. You know you want t do it, so get a faggot to serve you. Trust me, you’ll always want to have one available.

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