Chifago writes: i am another lowlife faggot who lives to serve Straight Men. i have been serving a dominant Man for a couple years, and it is so great! His wife doesn’t have sex with Him any longer, and doesn’t seem to care if He goes out, even at night. So He often shows up at my place in the middle of the night, often drunk, ready to be serviced. I drink His Piss, swallow His Cum and take His hard Cock in my ass. It has been great!

But now He said it is time to “take this to a new level.” He bought a metal chastity cage, and wants to lock me in it. He says i will be kept in it 24/7 and “rarely” allowed out. He says that fags need to realize that their dicks are irrelevant.

Irrelevant or not, my dick is hard 20 hours out of 24, and i jerk off several times a day. i can’t imagine giving that up – but He says, if i don’t do what He wants, He can find another fag. But i don’t think i can do it!



What the fuck is wrong with you, fag? You are seriously stupid if you think you get to say what will and will not happen, and if you think you get to stroke your own pathetic dick.

The sex organs on faggots are a) their fuckholes and b) their mouths. It sounds like yours will get plenty of use, so focus on what are appropriate sex organs. 

And if your fag dick is hard in the cage all the time, so what? That will just make you want more and more and more sex. And as you get hornier and hornier, you’ll get more and more depraved, and you’ll beg him to do nastier shit to you. A win for everyone!

Bottom line: he’s a God, and you’re faggot scum.Let him lock that fag dick away, and be thankful!

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