hunfried writes: a few days ago i punished my fag and while doing so, i broke one of its fingers. Now its complaining and whimpering all the time – annoying. The fag has no health insurance and no money either. It wants me to pay the surgery. But that’s too expensive, i think. After all: it’s only one of ten ugly, stinky homo-fingers. What do you think: what shall i do?


What the fuck does a faggot need fingers for? As long as its mouth and fuckhole are working, it’s in perfect health!

Surgery? Why does it need to see a doctor for something so minor and so unnecessary?

If you’re worried about it, you should tape the broken finger to the one next to it, and you’re done. The finger will heal well enough to keep the faggot quiet.

If it keeps complaining, make sure it knows you can break a lot more than fingers. Make sure it knows that, if it keeps whining, you’re not gonna feed it any more sweet straight cum and piss.

Sounds to me like you’re treating it just right. Tell it to count its fucking blessings!

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