i’ve served a Straight Man for a little while now. i do everything He tells me to do. i suck His cock, lick His balls, i do His chores, i serve as His footstool for hours on end. i love serving Him, it makes me feel like i have a purpose greater than myself. But lately my master has shown an interest in breath play, He has said he wants to try to choke me until i pass out. i want to serve him, but i’m afraid to do it in case something goes wrong.


I am not going to tell you to do this, faggot. It’s not my responsibility to tell you how far to go, or not go. That is for you to decide.

you are right that choking can be dangerous if done by someone who doesn’t really know what to do. Not only could making you pass out be dangerous, but there are also very small bones in the neck that can be broken when choked. So there are dangers.

But if a man wants to choke a fag, he can find one to choke. I know several fags around here who would gladly be choked, have their head in a plastic bag, etc. So your man will probably find someone else to do it. That would certainly be safer for you.

I seriously doubt he would do anything that would be too dangerous, because there would be many questions about why you were there, how he knew you, why he did it, etc. As you are no doubt aware, most straight guys don’t want other people to know they use fags, so he would probably be pretty careful. I suggest you talk to him about this.

Make an informed decision, and be ready for the consequences.

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