crucifuck writes: i used to try to hide what i was from the world. i was “out” about being gay, but not about being a faggot. i felt like i was still lying to everyone, particularly the gay men who treated me like i was one of them, and made me feel like i had value.

i met a Straight Man who took ownership of me, and started modifying me. He left permanent marks and changes on my body, but most could be hidden by clothes. but finally He decided it was time for me to become what it was i was born to be. so He had me go and get my face and neck tattooed, and He modified my hands by removing my little fingers.

as you can well imagine, i was immediately fired from my job, my roommate told me i had to leave, and i became homeless. i now live in His storage shed. in the summer, there are many bugs and mosquitoes, but winter is worse, because there are many holes in the shed, and the wind whistles through, and even snow piles inside.  i sometimes wake up to find i am coated with snow. the food he gives me is usually rotted, and i have to sometimes fight mice and rats for it.

it is so cold here, especially at night, and i have almost no clothes left (He likes to tear my clothes off me when He uses me, and i no longer have clothes that cover me enough).  i am not sure how i can survive here, but i cannot even leave to go find clothing and blankets. every night i am afraid i will freeze. i do have this iPad He gave me, but i use it mostly to post ads to serve Men. He has a video set up, and i think He sells the tapes online.

i do not know what to do, but i know from Your site that this is appropriate for a faggot pig like me. Any words of wisdom or comfort?


“Words of wisdom” would be lost on a stupid faggot like you, and as property you are worthy of no comfort. it sounds like your life is pretty fucking perfect. I don’t really understand what you are complaining about.

The next time your owner is using you as a fuckhole or urinal, you should ask him what you could do to earn a blanket. maybe he would let you make a trade. for example, tell him that you will let him castrate you in exchange for a blanket.

Even if he decides to do it without giving you the blanket, you’ll end up as more of a freak. it is what you wanted in the first place, isn’t it?  So shut up and accept your life, such as it is.

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