Sir, Master of Total Faggot Destruction,
it has spent the last few hours listening to the audio tape and reviewing the destruction modules.  It is spending lots of time with the new ones except for the final corporal punishment, which it only glanced at, long enough to know that it wasn’t ready for that.  It will go through all of the others again tonight before bed.
It is watching these naked, with feet locked in chains, hands locked in handcuffs, and a belt around its neck the room completely dark except for the computer screen.  Besides playing the audio file from SWM site, it also ran one of the binaural beats underneath the SWM audio file.  Every so often it hits itself with a small belt in a sensitive spot.  It has been told by his Superior that whenever it says its dictations this is the way it should be.  It is also masturbating but it is not allowed to cum tonight by instruction of the Superior.
Earlier today it thought “it should not go back to this site,” but when it opened email, and your email was there, it knew it was lost.  Sure it should run away, but instead it is running toward. After seeing the hints that some Superior just want to see the fags dead, it was hit with the knowledge that this might actually happen, since it is so disgusting and pathetic, it should be tortured to death with great pain.  it had told this to its superior previously and he laughed and said “What would I do with the body?” And “Who would pay me money then for my piss, pay my rent, and buy presents for my woman?” That made it feel good. But the next time he fucked it, he held a knife to its throat the whole time and said, “Maybe I will change my mind faggot.”  The threat got more real then, and it gets more real with the destruction slides.  It is so pathetic and useless and disgusting for feeling this way.  I apologize for telling you all this.  It hopes it gives you pleasure to know how you are affecting it.
Thank you for your superior generosity in access to the site.  It is already addicted.  It is the fly, you are the spider. It is the moth, you are the flame.  Draw it to its destruction, Superior Sir, draw it to its destruction.
It is the faggot, bitch, slave, prisoner, captive, victim, asslicker, pisshole, cash slave atm of a straight white man. It pays him $200 for a 15 minute hard beatdown and piss, usually at night in a dark corner of a park.  It pays him $500 or more for 2 hours in a motel room, to suck his cock, get fucked, and get a more extensive beat down with bondage, humiliation. And next time, pictures and video it has been told. He sometimes texts me and adds to my bill “disgusting fag taxes”.  It is going to start withdrawing money from its retirement fund to pay him and you. after all, what’s it’s life expectancy when it is writing you and telling a straight white man who regularly ties it up about these dark fantasies?  And nobody in its regular life knows about him and it does not tell anyone where it is going when it goes to meet him.  It bets you know people who could make a faggot disappear without a trace.
I hope watching me destroy myself will be entertaining to you, Sir, Master of Faggot Destruction. Your slides are a psychic faggot destruction beatdown. It relishes the pain and the heat.  Hurt it more, Sir, hurt it more, hurt it as much as you want.
John Smith

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