StraightUp writes: So I recently acquired a sub boy but it’s long distance, any pointers or tips on how to best use it and increase its submissiveness until it’s absolute?


Congratulations on acquiring a sub boy. Always one of the most interesting times is getting to know the new property and making sure it is well controlled.

Since you are not nearby, it’s critical that you make sure it is moving along the path toward being total property for you.  Here are a few ideas:

  • First, talk to it often. Using something with a video component (Skype or google hangouts) is probably the best way, as you can make it show you its submissiveness. Give it rules for these interactions: it is always naked, on its knees, its dick locked in chastity, etc. Have it save its own piss before these calls so you can watch it drink it. Anything you can make it do to humiliate itself in front of you is good. You don’t have to have the camera turned on at your end – seeing you is a great privilege that it will have to earn!
  • Send it things and make it open the packages on camera. A nice water bottle full of your piss is a good start – have it open the box and then take the cap off the bottle, drink some, pour some on its face, drink more, etc. A chastity cage is always a good gift, particularly since the key will remain with you.
  • Give it the assignment of sending gifts to you. Photos of its naked body, pictures of it doing humiliating things – always with its face in full view – are definitely the kind of gifts you will enjoy. It should also pay you tribute. After all, your time is valuable, and the time you spend to control it when you don’t get the pleasure of using it for your cum and piss should be compensated.
  • Personally, I’m a big fan of whoring out a sub boy. Do you know men who live nearby? Offer to let them use it, and have them report back to you how it did. You can also put ads on the local Craigslist, offering its services, and have the slave do what the men want without question. I like to offer my slave as a public urinal, and let men stop by and piss down its throat. It would be best if you can watch: If it will be getting fucked in the bushes, for example, have it leave its phone on so you can see and hear the fun.
  • If you are not interested in having others use it, have it use toys on itself and record the experience. You can also give it assignments – for example, make it go to a public bathroom and clean the urinals, toilets and floors with its tongue. Capturing the boy’s humiliation on video is always a good way of controlling a boy. Make sure you know how to contact its parents and family, employer, etc. Then make sure the boy knows that if it doesn’t comply, you’ll share those videos widely.
  • I think you also need to keep it occupied. Have it email you several times a day, and give specific times when those emails need to arrive. Increase the frequency and the amount of work in each message – for example, have it tell you minute details of its day, have it list all its fantasies, etc. (I once had my slave email me a list of every cock it had ever serviced – believe me, THAT was a long email!)

After this, it should be pretty submissive. But why are you keeping it long distance? Why not have it quit its job, sell its house and move to you? Taking financial control over it will make it a true piece of property for you. 



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