basic training

hate basic training

You’ve made it through Boot Camp. How does it feel you stupid motherfucking faggot?

  • Are you starting to get a sense of how fucked up you are?
  • Are you constantly fagging out to the modules because they ring such truths?
  • Are you finally realizing exactly why you’re a piece of shit that barely resembles a man?

If not, you may want to repeat Boot Camp, but I have a feeling you are ready for Basic Training. Here we add a new element to your training … visuals. The slides are significantly larger and some include images. The purpose of such is to imprint the words on your brain more deeply by associating them with a picture. This works by attacking your brain on two sensory levels at the same time, visual and audio. Let’s hope your stupid faggot brain can handle that.

The course requires that you go through the modules in order, 1-5.
basic training module one basic training module two basic training module three
basic training module four

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