Lowerthanshitfaggot writes: i have a follow up question:  i consulted the faggot study guides and they make multiple mentions of souls, it made wonder if faggots have souls, at least in the same way Men have them. Maybe the Guides are talking about a different kind of soul from that of Superior Straight Men and other humans– one that is blackened, defeated, devoid of anything but the constant need to serve Real Men. i know that when i wake up in the middle of the night and my first thought is cock pounding my fag holes, it’s my faggot “soul” speaking to me, or whatever more appropriate word should be used. Do you have any insight into this?


That is an excellent question, faggot. Beyond the question of whether or not anyone has a soul, the question of a faggot having a soul is something that I could write about for hours. But let me give a quick answer:

faggots are not men, and so, any “soul” they might have is not a human soul. In the same way that a faggot is inferior to a real man, the faggot soul is defective, and focused only on one thing: serving cocks. A faggot exists only to serve men and their hard cocks, and so everything else is ancillary.

I don’t believe faggots are worthy of souls, nor do faggots have the ability to move on to be something greater than they are. If I believed in reincarnation, for example, I would believe that faggots do not progress and become higher beings, but will be faggots forever. If I believed in heaven, I would say no faggots would be there, because they cannot aspire to that kind of paradise. A faggot is in paradise when a man is using its fag holes.

Faggots are a lower life form, far beneath men, and so the question of their soul is pretty much irrelevant. Whether or not you believe cows have souls, they get eaten as food. Do wild pigs have souls? faggots are in the same league, and although they are not eaten as food, or hunted down (at least, not yet!), they still are in the same category of largely worthless life forms.

The bottom line is, stop worrying about whether or not you have a soul. The only thing a faggot like you should be thinking about is the only thing that I know you ARE thinking about: the hard cocks of real men. Make sure you serve them like the Gods you know we are!

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